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Welcome to Pureheart Alchemy

We bring together the ancient art of alchemy and the highest state of frequency, together with the love of perfume, to offer you products which are potent in their healing and intimate in their beauty. Combining aromatic botanicals to enhance body and mind, with floral vibrational essences to nurture and protect your energetic field, our intelligent blends soothe your soul and initiate a state of grace.

We focus on the purity of intention, the beauty of aroma and the integrity within our sacred relationship to our plants. Each of the unique Plant, Herb and Flower Frequencies within the Pureheart Alchemy collections are attuned to Nature’s Sacred Rhythms. Our intention is to assist you in enhancing vitality and beauty in everyday life, while simultaneously supporting you to align with your own Soul-Purpose Expression.


"The Mysts are beyond words in the level of love and care that go into each one...

"After working with over 3 million people and traveling the world giving seminars on transformation, I have learned that the power of taste and smell bypasses logic straight to the heart of us as human beings. These mysts are a major supporting tool for the transformation of any space, feelings, and immediate connection to the sweetness of mother earth. The Mysts are beyond words in the level of love and care that go into each one. Carefully crafted to support the experience of the user. They are a transformational tool in themselves to support people in the journey into the amazing world that lies within each of us.  Hands-down an amazing piece of art in each bottle. If you love transformational work, or just love the smell of bliss, you will love these tools."

Jeffrey Slayter
Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

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