Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are designed to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self through the healing energy of plants. 




Similar to Bach Flower Remedies, these Mysts are designed for healing: 

From the subtle to the dense, our healing begins at the higher realms of Spirit and flows on 'down' to our material bodies.  

Flower essences capture this higher vibrational energy and affect us through our personal frequency, altering our field for healing.




Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are designed to cleanse your personal field and environment. They are designed to refresh, revitalise and inspire your creative spirit.   



Each Pureheart Alchemy Myst holds 3-4 flower essences, which form a unique pattern, along with light-sound-wave frequencies, which have been embedded into the wild water base.  

These combinations work with your Subtle-Body-Centres to create shifts in your energy field. Just as ripples move on a pond, the essences shift your experience at an energetic level, assisting you to make better choices and enhance greater wellbeing.




The Mysts can be used to:    

~ Recenter yourself, spray Mysts 20cm away from your skin in your energy field
~ Change your environment, spray Mysts in a room to refresh and shift the energy
~ Charge your crystals, spray ceremonial tools for energetic and physical cleansing 

How do I choose a Myst? Which Mysts are best for me?    

Your intuition is your best guide so trust the signs your body presents. 
Scan the label and let your Spiritual Intelligence guide you.

The Mysts have many layers to connect with. Look for:
~ a visual attraction to the Activating Image
~ a resonance with the Archetypal Name
~ a desire for the Character Attribute
~ an affinity with the Totem
~ a calling to a flower

Additionally, if you have a bottle in hand, confirm your choice with:
~ a positive shift in your energy field from the Flower Essences
~ a delicious response to the scent of Essential Oils

I want a selection...
Then try our Myst Kits - they make choosing easy. They are:
~ harmoniously allied to target differing facets of a single issue
~ designed to support transformation in a specific area of your life
~ selected for their different scents to enjoy a wide variety of flavours
~ great gift ideas for friends or loved ones

Our ingredients ~ Quality over quantity. 
We are very conscious when choosing our ingredients. Every step in the creation of our elixirs has a caring and loving hand, with you in mind. Below are some of the precious ingredients in our Mysts and Beauty/Skin Care range. 


Bio-dynamically-grown Rare Medicinal Flower Essences

Our Plant Essences are created in the Pureheart Garden from plants grown using the holistic and soil enlivening approach of Biodynamics. Through sustainable practices we consider the physical, seasonal, astral and spiritual aspects of gardening which creates healthy, happier plants.

Additionally we seek out special healing and teacher plants for their ability to transmit powerful messages and supportive frequencies to assist people in both transition and challenge, as well as in creating lightness and beauty. 

Therapeutic Grade and Certified Organic essential and carrier oils

We search out the highest quality essential oil and carrier oils. We use a combination of Certified Organic with Therapeutic Oils and Essential oils. We purchase from established suppliers and ethical sources wherever we can, and are constantly researching the best sources for our oils.

With our perfumes we are on the look out for small local producers as well as ethical international farms to supply us with beautiful and unusual new oils to add to our special blends.


World Heritage Blue Mountains Wild Spring Water
We adventure into the Blue Mountains regularly to collect Wild Spring Water from various sources around this ancient Natural Wonder. Often spring water is either bottled in plastic, or forced through straight plastic pipes, which fractures it's energy. Water is alive, and it's vitality is created through the curves and flow of nature's streams, rivers and springs. We collect our Spring water WILD at the source, so that it's caught in it's maximum frequency and life-giving properties of levity and ormus. We store our spring water in large Italian glass bottles to maintain it's purity.
Additionally, we believe in paying homage to these Springs, in gratitude for this precious element. We do this through Water Ceremonies and gifts of crystals and prayers. More than ever, as the water all over the world is being abused, we feel this is an important honouring for this sacred source of life. 


Solfeggio and Light-Sound-Wave Geometry Frequencies 

All Pureheart Alchemy creations are 'hand-tuned' with a combination of Sacred Musical tones and harmonious frequencies found in nature. This selection of acoustics assists us in raising our vibration to align us with our divine nature.

These include:
~ human elements through tribal song, chants and sacred prayers;
~ nature elements through animal sounds, water, wind and bird song;
~ musical elements through crystal toning, didgeridoo, flute, drum, and more;
~ high frequency elements through Solfeggio toning and Lakhovsky/Tesla technology.

Various sequences of these elements are layered-in at different stages of the creation process in order to imprint healing frequencies into the liquid elements of our Mysts and Beauty range. These are activated when you use them, assist you in positively impacting your energetic field and aligning you with your divine nature. 


24K Gold Ormus

This mysterious element has been used for millennia and has particular favour with the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt as an Alchemical conductive element of magnetism and purity. Creating a stronger self-resonant field and reported to ignite greater intuition, mental clarity, aiding cell to cell communication, immune boosting and generally heightened sense of presence. 


Violet Miron Glass from The Netherlands

Found in the Pyramids and used in Ancient Egypt to contain their healing products, Miron glass was the obvious choice for us as the best glass for containing our precious ingredients. Unlike clear, blue, green and amber, it's unique colour is not permeable to visible light, with the exception of violet light and the spectral range of UV-A and infrared light. The Violet colours acts as a filter to offer optimal protection to the sensitive elements of flower essences and plant oils. Myron glass helps maintain the quality of ingredients without the use of synthetic preservatives.